Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bercow re-elected as Speaker as Dorries humiliated by coup failure

Sometimes I wonder if I'm still in a dream, that I had a nap when the polls closed on election day and I haven't woken up yet. There was a feeling of unreality which I switched on the tv to see the Liberal Democrats, for the first time in my lifetime, sitting on the Government benches, on the left as you watch on tv. It is kind of fitting that we have appropriated the banches previously occupied by Labour's Awkward Squad.

It was faintly depressing to see such an overwhelming sea of grey suits on the green benches. You do wonder when we're ever going to get to a situation where less than three quarters of our MPs are white men.

The grey was broken up by a lot of purple though - presumably in honour of the Take Back Parliament. It was good to see Nick Clegg wear the symbol of protest as he sat next to the New Prime Minister.

The first business was the election of the Speaker, accomplished with much doffing of hats from selected members of the House of Lords. Iain Dale said last night that his pal, the awful Nadine Dorries, had hatched a plot to provide Bercow with some competition. Tom Harris said that even if one person had shouted out no when Father of the House Peter Tapsell asked for approval of Bercow as Speaker, then there would be a vote of all of the House. In fact, when Nadine and her small coterie yelled their disapproval, they sounded so insignificant, that Sir Peter decided not to bother with the vote.

I have not forgiven Nadine Dorries for her dreadful tweet the night of the election when she gloated over Dr Evan Harris' defeat. It was ungracious and downright horrible so I was quite pleased to see her completely humiliated today.

Oh, and before I forget - another reason why Harriet Harman should stand for the Labour leadership. In her remarks to new members she told them not to listen to any advice to keep their heads down but to start trailblazing and fighting for their constituents.

The next big Parliamentary Event is the Queen's Speech next Tuesday, a day of pomp and circumstance which will take place the day after the £6bn worth of cuts is announced. If you want to be really geeky, you could watch BBC Parliament from 3 tomorrow to see MPs being sworn in to see if any of them forget there are mikes around the place and say things they shouldn't. I think it was the very funny and much missed Tony Banks who got caught taking the oath with his fingers crossed.

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