Monday, May 24, 2010

Sehar Shebaz - why is her husband allowed to stay here?

A thought occurred to me about the deportation of Sehar Shabaz and her baby, Wania, which I wrote about on Saturday.

Sehar's husband, whose violence towards her forced her to flee from him last November, is not a UK national. On the UK Borders Agency website, it quite clearly says that:

During your stay it is your responsibility to

obey the law

It doesn't seem fair to me that a man who has been violent to his wife to the extent that the Police have been involved on two occasions should be allowed to stay in this country while the wife who suffered from this abuse and the consequent physical, psychological and emotional damage, should be sent back to Pakistan where they are both at risk of reprisals not just from her husband's family but from her own. It is not the done thing, especially for a woman, to leave a marriage, whatever the circumstances, in that country.

Every time I think of Sehar and Wania needlessly placed in danger by the UK Border Agency, I want to cry and I didn't know her. What on earth must the people who have been supporting her these last months be going through?


Anonymous said...

Has he been convicted of assault or a similar offence in relation to the domestic violence? The root of the inequity may well lie with the well-known difficulties in getting domestic violence cases prosecuted. Mind you, from a feminist point of view I'm not sure that returning him to Pakistan really helps matters, since it doesn't stop him abusing women there.

Unknown said...

Liz, my main point was more that he was allowed to stay here yet the woman he abused has been sent to Pakistan at great risk to her and her baby.


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