Sunday, May 23, 2010

Caron's Corkers 23 May

Enjoying the Summer weather? Good! See what a Liberal Democrat Government secures for you:-).

Anyway, spare a thought for Clair, who has completed her West Highland Way charity walk to raise funds for SANDS who helped her friends when their daughter Catriona Rose was stillborn last year. You can sponsor her here.

Dave wants to repeal the Digital Economy Act.

The lovely Mr Doctor Chocaholic has information about Cabinet Committees. He says how it shows that the Lib Dem are pretty much hardwired into Government. I would add to that that it's quite weird (in a good way) to see our lot described as Rt Hon. Then I'd observe that it can't be normal for the Secretary of State for Scotland to be on the National Security Council, which shows how integral Danny Alexander is to this Government. Thirdly, I think 5 Lib Dems on a European Committee of 14 is not a bad result. Fourthly, I would do almost anything up to and maybe including selling my soul to the devil to listen in on a social justice committee to see how Lynne Featherstone, David Laws and Sarah Teather take on Iain Duncan Smith, Theresa May and Eric Pickles. That'll potentially be where our lot make a huge difference.

Paul Johnston on Robert Brown's attempts to halt taser pilot.

James tells Labour to get over themselves and start talking.

And as a wee bonus, enjoy this by the one and only Mr Adams:

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