Sunday, May 09, 2010

A Relaxing Saturday

After the horrors of Thursday night, which I wrote about here, Friday passed in a kind of blur. I'd had about 3 hours', or rather, I'd gone to bed and had a not very peaceful series of fitful dozes before admitting defeat and getting up again. I finally went to bed early on Friday evening and slept like a log, only regaining consciousness at 9.30 on Saturday morning.

I dragged myself out of bed to watch Free Practice 3 for the Spanish Grand Prix, which was interrupted by a call from one of the few people on earth I'd interrupt my F1 viewing for. It was lovely to have a long chat with a brilliant friend without whose support and wise counsel I would never have survived the last week.

Stephen came over about 12 to watch the qualifying and we were both chuffed to see Mark Webber storm to pole position. We also saw the dreadful move Alonso pulled on Rosberg in the pitlane and I'm glad that Ferrari and Alonso have both had a fine for it. Putting Alonso to the back of the grid would have been better, though.

We had quite a chilled out afternoon and evening - I can't believe that I allowed rugby to be on the tv in this house. We also dipped into the Giro d'Italia. I'd never watched much cycling before last year's Tour De France. I wonder what it is about fit young men clad in skin tight lycra that's so appealing to so many people I know.

We also watched Nick Clegg's live speech to the fair votes demo that turned up to the place where the Party was meeting and David Law's subsequent status. I have been really impressed with the way that Nick has behaved in all of this - and how the party has lined up behind him. Nick has done exactly what he told the people he would do before the election - talked to the party with the biggest mandate. He has also ensured that he consults within our own party - he is required to, but he has done so willingly.

I had planned to do nothing more than stick a pizza in the oven, but poor Stephen had eaten so many of them during the past week that he just couldn't face it. I got off my backside and made a chicken curry which was much tastier, even if I say it myself.

The evening ended with much wine, Doctor Who (with a wonderful line on partnership that made me laugh given the current coalition negotiations), the Dorothies (does anyone else just not get Lauren - oh, wait, probably given that she was in the bottom 2) and a valiant and painfully self deprecating Lembit on Have I Got News for You.

It was a good, relaxing day - just what I needed. I still feel pretty heartbroken, and stupid things, like seeing a nice e-mail, make me cry.

The only things I know for sure I'm doing today are watching the F1 and playing Ludo with Anna. She has been pretty gripped by this hung Parliament scenario. She even constructed a hung Parliament made up of her Littlest Pet Shops (freaky little plastic animals with huge eyes, if you've never come across them before). I had to laugh when she threw some of the members out for fiddling their expenses.

I suspect that the political road ahead is going to be really tough for us whatever happens over the next weeks and months - but then, we're Liberal Democrats, we're used to challenges. All we can do is behave with honesty and integrity and hold our heads up high.

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