Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer's here........

See, a week into a Liberal Democrat coalition government and what do we have? Brilliant sunshine. Surely this never happened under Labour.

Unfotunately, I can find reason to whinge because I am not going to be spending the day lying in the garden soaking up rays, but will be ensconced in a Scottish Liberal Democrats' Executive. And it's bound to go on for ages because people will want to talk about the election and the aftermath. It will be great to see people though and no doubt we'll end up in the pub at lunchtime.

Not, of course, that I'm in any fit state to be going to the pub. This week was horrible healthwise. Yesterday was by far the best day, the only one all week I'd actually felt human. If I'd had any sense I'd have made the most of that advantage and gone to bed nice and early and woken up all fresh faced for today.

Some hope. One of the nicest parts for me about Summer is sitting out in the garden late at night. I got to do precious little of that last year because even if I felt well enough the weather was rubbish. So, last night I allowed myself to be led astray by my husband - he just wouldn't stop filling up my wine glass - and sat out till very late while he played his weird music and showed off his glitter ball and his new solar powered fairy lights and his funky thing that projects images onto the side of our house that he got for next to nothing in a Maplins sale. Consequently this morning I feel a bit jaded - although am not as hung over as I deserve.

I'm all excited about tonight too - for the first time in 10 years, we have a barbecue. Bob built one at our last house and every year we used to have a big Summer party which was great fun. If I ever get this house tidied up, we might do the same this year. Anyway, Stephen is coming across to road test it and watch Doctor Who and the Dorothies.

So, whatever you're doing today, take some time to enjoy the sunshine. It may not be with us for long.

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