Friday, May 21, 2010

Caron's Corkers - 21st May

It's been an exciting week in politics and beyond with lots to discuss and speculate about.

First off, Mr MacNumpty looks at Miss Goldie's rearranging of the blue team while Andrew takes a wry look at Peter Mandelson's departure from the Shadow Cabinet.

Jennie posts an angry, moving and powerful reply to Janet Street Porter's ignorant comments about Depression.

Paul Edie looks at progress in services for the homeless and older people he's managed to make in the 3 years he's been in charge at the City of Edinburgh Council.

Mark reckons Thatcher would have tried to make a coalition with the Liberals if she's faced a similar circumstance. Could we really have been spared the pain of the 80s?

If you're standing in the Liberal Youth elections, please don't phone Lady Mark at nearly midnight.

Loulabelle thinks Lembit could end up on Strictly.

And finally, Tom Harris shows how the life of an MP is never dull and requires a huge range of skills as he and his assistant play Starsky and Hutch to make Glasgow South a safer place.

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