Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Calling all geeks! The Baggage Man wants you

What do you get when a group of sci-fi and horror loving geeks with a liking for smut and sometimes downright strangeness decide to play with some headphones and recording equipment?

The answer is a podcast called My God! It's the Baggage Man which is coming our way soon. It involves our Jennie so profanity in abundance and Doctor Who geekery will not be far behind.

They have done a wee trailer on their site. I did wonder if there was a way of embedding it here because they've invited whoever hears it to inseminate it at will or something like that, but I'm too stupid to work out how to copy it across.

Anyway, I expect at least two thirds of this podcast to go way, way over my head, because I am really only a baby geek but I shall look forward to listening to it anyway.

If this appeals to you, you now know all about it, so my work as signal booster is done.

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