Monday, July 18, 2011

5 days to save Perth - say no to the incinerator!

When my niece Laura was a baby, my sister lived in Perth. Whenever I visited, I used to take Laura to play on the South Inch, a gorgeous green space in the city centre. It's a fabulous asset to a beautiful city.

I was very concerned to hear yesterday when I went to the Perth Lib Dems' annual Strawberry Tea that someone has applied for planning permission to put a whopping great incinerator right next to the South Inch, on the shore of the River Tay.

There are no words to describe how offensive I find this proposal. Not only will it ruin the area for residents, but it'll ruin one of the most famous views in Scotland.

The Fair City would not be quite as fair if this goes ahead.

This is the second time Grundon have tried to do this. Last time, local residents made it more than plain to them, in massive numbers, that they did not want any incinerator.

Local Cllr Peter Barrett will be along in a couple of days to tell you more, but in the meantime, he and his colleagues have been collecting letters of objection from Perth residents - over 500 were collected last Saturday alone.  The deadline for objections to Perth and Kinross Council is this Friday. You can object online here. Please do so if you live in or have connections with Perth.

Now, there are very few things that I know how to do that Peter Barrett doesn't and setting up online petitions is one of them. With his permission, I have set up a petition against the incinerator to make it even easier to collect signatures. Please feel free to pass the details on to anyone you know with Perth connections.

This has to be one of the worst planning applications I have ever come across. Incinerators are bad enough anyway and not the right way to go environmentally, but to slap one bang in the middle of  Perth would be absolutely devastating. It can be beaten, though. Please do what you can to object to these ill thought out plans.

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