Friday, July 29, 2011

My Bob was on Reporting Scotland!

I went out last night to bid farewell to a fabulous former colleague of mine, Elspeth, who is going to Hull to live with a boy. I didn't get to see Reporting Scotland but had a text message from a friend to say that Bob was on it.

So, I checked when I came home - and he was, too. He didn't have a speaking part, but the look on his face was of someone who was thoroughly fed up with the world in general and Scotrail in particular.

You can see him by watching the video that's about half way down this page. When the guy in the white shirt is being interviewed, you can see Bob walking right past him. He's the one with the pink shirt and the glower.


Mr Eugenides said...

Elspeth Attwool is going to live with a boy? I certainly didn't see that one coming...

Unknown said...

That is how rumours start:-).

No, not Ms Attwool and not Lady Campbell either.


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