Friday, June 01, 2012

Don't let another mother see her child murdered in front of her #tippingpoint #syria

Every time I look at my beautiful daughter, I feel that rush of love that all parents feel for their children. Every time I see a news article about the dreadful massacre in Syria, my heart breaks for those mothers whose children were so brutally massacred in front of them. Surviving that must be the worst sort of living hell. The recent massacres are just examples of the incomprehensible cruelty we've seen in Syria in recent months. Save the Children have a petition and today is a day of action across social media to raise awareness of this and call for action to stop it. In terms of what action, well, Paddy Ashdown's suggestion in today's Times (free this weekend) that Turkey takes the lead in putting together an international coalition to ask the UN for help seems to make sense. His argument is that something locally inspired is less likely to be vetoed by Russia & China. Take some time today and in the future to do something to help. Sign the petition, donate to an aid agency, whatever you can. Syria isn't the only place such brutality takes place, I hear you say. I agree - we should fight against them wherever we find them. Everyone has some children in their lives, somewhere. Think of those growing up in danger tonight.

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Anonymous said...

I have written to the Russian Government with the help of Amnesty. What those children suffer, I read that one little boy covered himself in the blood of his brother to pretend death. Not enough is being done, we can do more, no child should suffer, no adult should suffer in this way.


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