Friday, June 08, 2012

We should all just shut up about Bill Walker and let things take their course

Innocent until proven guilty. One of the fundamental cornerstones of our legal system.

Bill Walker, MSP for Dunfermline West, has been arrested and charged in connection with allegations of domestic abuse.

What's important now is that the justice system should be allowed to take its course and while it does, we should all keep our traps shut.

That includes Labour MP Thomas Docherty and  MSP Jackie Baillie who have today called for Walker to resign. It's completely inappropriate and Docherty himself has a cheek. In 2010, when he stood in Dunfermline, he faced charges of careless driving from which he was later cleared. It wouldn't have occurred to anyone at the time to call for his resignation as candidate solely on the basis of being charged. Maybe he should treat people with the respect with which he was treated.

Jackie Baillie is trying to bring Nicola Sturgeon into it as well, saying that her office was told of the allegations long before the election. As far as I'm aware, the person didn't speak directly to Nicola and this seems to be more to do with political mischief making than anything else.

On a personal level, I have absolutely no time for Bill Walker at all. I think, however, that we should all refrain from talking about the case and any potential charges until the legal process has been completed. It's only fair. Jackie Baillie and Thomas Docherty should know that.

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Robert said...

Totally 100% agree, we must just wait and then see, if he is guilty then we can demand, if he is innocent we just get on with life, to many people make a decision before even knowing the facts never mind the evidence.


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