Monday, June 18, 2012

Glasgow Subway photo ban dropped

Great to see that common sense has prevailed and plans to ban photography on Glasgow subway have been dropped. Flash photography won't be allowed for safety reasons, which is fair enough. Argyll and Bute Council could learn from the way SPT behaved on this. The person operating their Twitter account was very switched on and took a lot of heat out of the situation very early on by engaging with people and encouraging them to submit their views. Willie Rennie, who opposed the ban from the beginning, thanked the eagle eyed people who spotted this in the first place.
It shouldn’t have taken a public consultation for Strathclyde Partnership Board to realise the absurdity of their ban plans. Had it not been for eagle-eyed photography enthusiasts, this bye-law may have been passed without the public realising.
It goes to show that those in authority need watching and their actions must be closely scrutinised. Social networking and the Internet helped spread the word and encourage people to respond to the consultation.

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