Tuesday, June 26, 2012

For pete's sake, Facebook, find yourself some manners!

I've been finding it a bit weird when I've been trying to find people's email addresses on Facebook over the past few days that they've had a special @facebook.com address.

Turns out that it's happened to all of us without us knowing. In order to direct more traffic to the site and therefore generate more advertising revenue, they've allocated us new emails and displayed them on our timelines. All without so much as a tiny bit of warning.

I'm sorry, Facebook, but that's just bloody rude. If you'd sent me a message asking if I'd mind and explaining  to me the benefits of having email integrated into your Facebook message system, I might have been quite happy to let it happen. I suspect it will have advantages for people.

I have, however punished Facebook for their rudeness by hiding this new address from the world and putting my old one back. If you wanted to do the same, MSNBC have very kindly told us how.

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