Saturday, February 13, 2010

F1: Have your say on future of F1

Remember last year we had the great big stooshie between FOTA, the Formula One Teams Association and the FIA then headed by Max Mosley, which almost led to a breakaway series?

At the time, FOTA thanked fans for their support - it was kind of good to have our existence acknowledged. No point in holding our breath waiting for the FIA to take notice of us unless we particularly like cyanosis.

They've now got together with the LG Products and F1 Racing magazine to do a survey for F1 fans to ask us about things important to us. The results will be published in F1 Racing. Now, you have to kiss a lot of frogs (metaphorically) - ie answer a fair few questions you really don't care about, before you get to the interesting stuff, like which races you wanted to keep for example. I wasn't chuffed I could only pick 5 - I went for Britain, Brazil, Australia, Monaco and Spa in the end, but I'd liked to have put Magny Cours, Monza, Germany and Canada on there too. I was also very dischuffed that their list of highlights of 09 season to pick didn't include either of Rubens Barrichello's victories.

Having said that, and given an appropriate health warning about the corporate bull it contains, it's worth completing. You only have until Monday, though, so act quickly by going here if you haven't already.

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