Thursday, February 04, 2010

Why don't they just rename Question Time the Melanie Phillips Show?

Do you remember a few months ago I got a bit dischuffed that Jo Swinson had been dropped from Question Time in the week that both Iraq and the Calman Commission report, issues on which the Lib Dems had a unique viewpoint?

Well, it looks like history is repeating itself. Not for Jo, but again in a week where there's a referendum on voting reform on the agenda as well as Blair's evidence at the Iraq Inquiry and MP's expenses pulling our Legg again, all strong Lib Dem issues, there will be no Liberal Democrat on the panel.

And the common denominator in all of this? Melanie Phillips. It's just 70 short days since her last appearance, and they had at least 3 weeks off for Christmas - so just 7 shows. Are they priming her to take over from Dimbleby or something? I do hope not.

I think I'll give it a miss tonight.

UPDATE: Why did I bother with this? I could just have directed you to Daddy Alex, cos he made the point a whole load better. And while you're over there have a look at his recent stuff on Liberal values. There's a lot of it, but it's bloody brilliant.

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mickeyjack said...

Well this what happened to me when i tried to just get into the audience!


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