Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Andrew Reeves

Andrew Reeves moved to Scotland almost 2 years ago to become our Director of Campaigns and Elections. And what a force of nature he is too. I've known lots of people in the Liberal Democrats who work hard, but he takes the biscuit. Before he'd even officially started, he facebook messaged me when he was barely off the train to ask where he could go campaigning the next day. He ended up coming out with us on a blistering hot day in Cowdenbeath. I suspect his annual leave sheet is pristine and untouched because I can't really remember him having a proper holiday since he got here. We do try to persuade him to rest up, but we're banging our heads against a brick wall in that regard.

Anyway, it's his birthday today. Typically, he's spending it campaigning in the Borders. As I understand it, the team is sweeping through the south eastern part of Mike Moore's constituency like a hot knife through butter. They've had loads of people out to help re-elect Mike, which is great to see.

I hope he gets some time to have a bit of a celebration tonight before they get back out tomorrow.

I bet Andrew'll be working on his next birthday as well, given that we'll then be on the countdown to the Holyrood elections........

While we're on birthdays, there's loads around at the moment. Yesterday it was Jeff. Two other friends of mine, Karen and Andrea, are celebrating today as well. When I see birthdays stacking up like this, I tend to look back 9 months to see if there's some sort of special event around that time to, er, explain it. I guess the relaxed May Day bank holiday could be responsible for this particular spate of births:-)

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Anonymous said...

why does such person waste their so much of their life on a useless mission.

the lib dems won't ever form a government


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