Monday, February 22, 2010

Power 2010 - your last chance to have your say on cleaning up politics

For the last few months, Power 2010 have been consulting the public on the reforms they'd like to see to make politics fairer. They first collected ideas and the voting process is in its final stages and you only have until midnight tonight to vote.

The top 5 ideas will be part of the organisations pledge that they'll want candidates in the to sign up to. The top 5 at the moment are:

A proportional voting system (ie not the Alternative vote, or first past the post)

Scrapping ID cards and rolling back the database state

A fully elected second chamber

English votes for English laws

A written constitution.

One idea I really want to see in there, fixed term parliaments, is currently just outside the top 5, only by 120 or so votes. A written constitution is really important, but I'd say that taking away the Prime Minister's power to call elections on his whim is vital to a healthy democracy.

If you haven't voted already, please head along here and make your views known. You can vote for as many ideas as you like but only once for each idea, if that makes any sense.

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