Saturday, February 13, 2010

Name the Speaker's Cat

When I was a little girl, we used to play a game called the Minister's Cat, where each person adds an adjective to describe the Minister's Cat and you'd have to remember the whole list. It is a game guaranteed to keep Anna amused for ages.

Today the focus is on the Speaker's Palace at Westminster which tomorrow welcomes a silver tabby to catch the mice that frighten the Speaker's Wife. This is getting more like a nursery rhyme every time I think about it. Sally Bercow has decided to name this poor unsuspecting animal by Twitter Poll. This is not a new way of doing things, although I doubt she'd get away with ignoring the results like Anna did.

I'm assuming they only chose names that they could live with to go on the shortlist, which is: Betty, Hansard, Harriet, Order or Tweetie.

Sally Bercow has tweeted today that

Mr B says he wld rather NOT be saddled with a cat called 'Order'. He is delighted that 'Hansard' has gained ground.

You have to hope she's not really that naive (and I doubt it very much), given that there are a fair number of Tories of the swivel eyed variety sticking like glue to her Twitter feed who are bound to do what they think she doesn't want.

Anyway, if you want to take part, join Twitter and vote here.

Sally Bercow is a very entertaining person to follow. Unlike some, she doesn't seem to mind criticism and interaction and she tends to think up amusing late night games. Last night it was making up names of pubs to go along with political parties. Anyone for a pint at the Pack and Rainger, the Referendum Arms, the Blair and Bush or the Moat and Belltower?

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LibCync said...

We called it The Parson's Cat which, I guess, amounts to the same thing.

No one will play it with me now...


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