Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All smiles (me included) as Nick Clegg enters Downing Street

I wrote last night of my mixed emotions watching Cameron entering Downing Street and how I didn't really feel anything at all when Blair went in in 1997.

As the BBC kept reporting that Nick Clegg was heading to Downing Street this morning, I did wonder how I'd feel watching him walk in there and shake hands with David Cameron.

I honestly didn't know whether I would smile or cry.

When the moment came, and Nick got out of his car and walked down towards the famous door, I felt so proud. I couldn't stop grinning, even when Cameron came out.

The body language between the two of them was very positive. Nick is going to be no pushover and is going to be equal in this partnership.

It's going to be weird because the two of them have to build a working relationship. I certainly think Nick will prove his worth within the government very quickly. There are bound to be undercurrents but he's not daft and will do as much as he can to implement the many Liberal Democrat policies which the coalition agreement contains as well as to provide the country with a stable government. It's a job that needed to be done and we've stepped up.

I feel like I've gone through every emotion in its most intense form in the last 5 days. That's not going to change any time soon and my feelings about this are not enthusiastic by any stretch of the imagination. and I'm still lurching between horror, fear, pride and hope but this new Government is going to get its chance.

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Alex said...

Well done Caron, your coverage of this whole election/fiasco has been refreshing and insightful.


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