Friday, May 28, 2010

F1: Boy with the black earrings

BBC pit lane reporter Ted Kravitz never ceases to amaze me. Not only does he bring us the news about whose hydraulics are playing up, or who has a nice new shiny front wing, this morning he brought us some news about Lewis Hamilton. This driver seems to be going through a mid life crisis in his mid 20s. He managed to rehabilitate himself towards the end of last season, after the disaster of the opening race when he lied to the stewards but he seems to have lost all the ground he gained then. This season has seen him petulant on team radio, showing off on public roads, something which has earned him a date before the beak in Australia and generally being outperformed by his team-mate Jenson Button, who has won two races this year.

Kravitz's Hamilton scoop was not only had Hamilton had both ears pierced (and was now sporting black studs), but he had only had it done last week and wasn't supposed to take the studs out. I love Ted Kravitz for actually finding the sporting regulation that it would contravene if he drove with the earrings in.

"Lewis Hamilton had both ears pierced last week in Los Angeles and when you get them pierced for the first time you have to leave the studs in for three to four weeks to allow the hole to develop. However, that would contravene article 2.2.1 appendix L of the sporting regulations, which states that the wearing of jewellery is prohibited. A few years ago Vitantonio Liuzzi had his eyebrow pierced and he had to have it the ring removed before racing because the medical teams said they didn't like piercings."

It's not the fact he's had it done that bothers me, but that he couldn't wait until the 4 week Summer holiday. Surely he knew that his tight fitting helmet would cause problems for the sharp bits of metal in his ears. Honestly. Jenson Button can behave like a spoilt child at times, but he looks the picture of cool maturity next to his bratty team mate.

There was talk a month of so ago of Mika Hakkinen becoming Lewis' manager. Despite his battles with Schumi for the world championship, I love Hakkinen and it would be great if he were back in the paddock. I don't envy him the task of keeping Lewis under control, but he's the sort of cool person who could probably do it.

Anyway, down to the nitty gritty of practice. Earrings aside, the McLarens topped both sessions, Hamilton in the morning, Button in the afternoon, ahead of the Red Bulls. Both Vettel's and Webber's cars had technical issues this morning so I wonder if they will last the race on Sunday, even if they do they get their now customary pole position. I've forgotten the last time they didn't make the front of the grid. They'll be painting a red bull and a reserved sign on the pole position grid slot soon and just not bother with qualifying.

And finally, how come this race ended up on this weekend. I remember checking when the provisional calendar came out that F1 and Eurovision did not happen on the same weekend but they are - and I don't know if my brain can cope with all the excitement along with Willie Rennie's Thank you Party tomorrow afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I think earrings on guys usually looks idiotic, but lets not make a mountain out of a molehill: Valentino Rossi wears a hoop earring at all times under his helmet and bike racing is far more dangerous than car racing, not to mention that people crash far more often!!! Its hardly immature for Hamilton to wear earrings in and of itself. He's just an immature person in general :P

Anonymous said...

Stop being so against Lewis. He always gets the blame for everything. He had to put up with so much stick from the FIA in the first two years of his career he has probably had more than his fair share of penalties. Then people have the cheek to turn around and say that the FIA are biased towards him and always let him off. They got that wrong I think.It's Ferrari who they let off all the time. Just look at Hockenheim this year. A puny little fine. Wow!

Anonymous said...

You fucking suck! Keep you stupid thoughts to yourself! Pathetic, jealous racist person you are. Lewis is bullied by officials, for whatever reason, but consistently hits back. He is the most exciting thing this decade to come to formula one so pipe down mouth piece.


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