Sunday, May 02, 2010

Scotland on Sunday backs the Liberal Democrats #nickcleggsfault

When Scotland on Sunday deputy editor Kenny Farquharson tweeted yesterday that

"Well, the boss has written the leader declaring who Scotland on Sunday is backing in the #ge2010. A sound decision. Anyone care to guess?"

I almost replied to him saying "well, it'll no be us, that's for sure:-("

I'm glad some instinct held me back because I would look very stupid now. Look at this.

So, in the hope that new faces can bring about new politics, and that the economic crisis can be tackled with maturity and responsibility, energy and vision, let's get the Lib Dems as many seats as we can.

That is the last paragraph in an article that absolutely takes apart the other three parties up here. It is particularly damning of the SNP. This so needed saying.

"The idea that we send a bunch of Scottish MPs to Westminster purely to turn the screw, so that we do better at the expense of other parts of the UK, smacks of the churlish small-mindedness we must avoid. There is a very strong argument, given the two bailed-out Scottish banks, that we should play a full part in the recovery, not gratuitously exploit the situation. Our economy is firmly tied to the rest of the UK. The idea that we can prosper as it fails is nonsense."

Basically what SoS is saying is that Labour are finished, the Tories can't be trusted and are irrelevant in Scotland anyway, the SNP is unimpressive and small minded. In contrast, what we say is economically credible, the scaremongering about a hung Parliament is tosh and we offer proportional representation which, according to them

"will mean a visible end to the old yah-boo system and will force politicians to mature. Consensus politics is not weak politics, but enforces a necessary realism about what can be possible."

Blimey! That is all.


Anonymous said...

Oh well, if SoS are saying these things then they must be true.

Why are you so surprised about this endorsement? Scotsman publications have a long history of copping out by backing the LibDems.

As ever, it won't make the blindest bit of difference.

I do hope Willie Rennie hangs on but I hope the rest of your lot are blown out of the water by anybody, Labour, SNP or Tory.

This election has demonstrated that the only fairness the LibDems are interested in is fairness for the LibDems. You are a bunch of opportunistic, flip-floppers led by Tony Blair Mark II.

I truly hope today's Mail on Sunday poll is close to the mark. If so, to paraphrase your 'Scottish' spokesman "you will have failed and you deserve to fail".

I am utterly disgusted with your party and if I see Dundas on Thursday when I'm out to vote I will be telling him in no uncertain terms that he won't be getting my vote this time.

Mark Pack said...

Anonymous: you missed out putting in any insults in your second and fourth paragraphs. Shame that really, because I always think a constant stream of insults is so persuasive, don't you?

Good on you though for remembering to comment as Anonymous given how insults + anonymous always makes the point that much clearer.

Anonymous said...

Oooh we are sensitive.

It often comes with that lingering feeling of guilt after betraying your principles for political gain. But you'll get over it.

Read it again - one insult in para 5 and well deserved it is too.


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