Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Proud Mummy alert: Anna's First Public PowerPoint Presentation

I am feeling really rubbish today. I spent the morning in bed and am now languishing on the couch listening to the therapeutic sound of Liberal Democrat Cabinet Ministers being sworn in.

I am incredibly proud of Anna though. At just 10, she and her classmates have all had to give a Presentation on someone who inspires them. She's been working on her's for the past month and put together a PowerPoint presentation on her favourite actor David Tennant.

It's all the more remarkable of her because she's managed this all by herself and met the deadline with no last minute panics and no support from a bad mother who's been more preoccupied with the election and its aftermath. She came home this afternoon and reported that all had gone well.

It's great that the school curriculum gets kids used to doing this sort of thing from an early age. Anna went in today seeing it as just another day, excited about what was to come.

I didn't really get the chance to do anything like that till third or fourth year at High School when I started competing in speechmaking competitions and I was always petrified about speaking in public. I remember someone close to me, shortly before one competition, telling me that they'd thought my previous speech had been rubbish & she could hardly believe I'd come up with something worse. Those of you who know me well will be able to work out who that was. I managed to get through the competition but to this day I don't feel too confident about my speechwriting abilities.

It's fabulous to see Anna and her schoolfriends develop these important presentation and time management skills in such an enjoyable and positive environment. Her PowerPoint presentation looked super on my laptop and must have been awesome on the smart board in her classroom.

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