Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Caron's Corkers - Towel Day 2010

Don't know what Towel Day is? It's the day when Douglas Adams fans celebrate his life every year by carrying a Towel around with them. Stephen takes us through the day with a series of Adams and Hitchhiker related posts. I'm only an amateur, but I have a feeling that the times of the posts are not what you'd call a coincidence.

I will love Charlotte Gore forever for making me howl with laughter with this post about a certain Swedish shop we all love. You may want to hazard a guess about what kind of table I have and when it was bought.

The Lovely Mr Doctor Chocaholic says everything I want to to Facebook but can't because I'm in such a rage with them.

Andrew is not chuffed with the cafe at his local ASDA and he knows what he's talking about. For some reason I am reminded of that episode of Friends where Phoebe is dating an environmental health inspector. She eventually broke up with him cos they couldn't have a meal out without him shutting the restaurant down. Seriously, though, I'm impressed that Andrew has taken his complaint to the management and is pursuing it vigorously.

Yousuf is in a joking mood.

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Stephen Glenn said...

Caron the coincidental timing of all my blogposts was merely a finite probability. I'm sure that on some obscure parallel universe a parallel me didn't even know where his towel was yesterday. Although the Darwinist's are of the opinion that that version of me would be incapable of surviving two score years, so may already be extinct or close to extinction.


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