Friday, May 14, 2010

Caron's Corkers - 14th May

This week sees the 60th anniversary of Formula 1. The first race took place at Silverstone on 13th May 1950. Last year was horrible because it looked that the 2009 Grand Prix would be the last one there, but the place has had a welcome reprieve. Kayels has cycled round the new circuit to see how it's evolved for the 21st century. Here is her report.

Marvellous Meemalee finishes her interviews with the Masterchef finalists with winner Dhruv Baker. For her next challenge, I want her to track down Karen Gillan and interview her for she is a Doctor Who fan too. And when does Celebrity Masterchef start?

The Hon Lady Mark counsels calmness and respect to those who choose to leave over the coalition in the hope that one day we can welcome them back.

Jennie really lets Labour have it in brilliant style.

The lovely Mr Dr Chocaholic talks about diversity, and in particular the party's rubbish gender balance. Suggestions on how to change this are welcome.

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