Monday, June 13, 2011

Blogging will be light.....

I'm feeling a bit out of sorts right now. I will be fine, but I'm probably going to have the rest of this week off from blogging.

When I say things like that, most often something happens that I can't keep my trap shut about so it may not quite work out as expected.

I have a few things on at the school and Bob's impending Diamond Jubilee to prepare for. That'll keep me out of mischief. If I get really desperate, I could always try tidying my house.

I just want to curl up with some good books and tea.

Anyway, see you in a few days.

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Unknown said...

Take care and hope to see you back soon feeling a bit refreshed.

Paul Walter said...

"I just want to curl up with some good books and tea."

...Sounds like a great idea!

Take care!

Keith Legg said...

Two posts today already - I'd hate to see what heavy blogging would look like!

See you on Sunday?

Unknown said...

They're only baby ones, Keith....

And, yes, I'll see you on Sunday.

Paul, have managed the tea, but not the books so far. Trying to put newsletters together. Always fun.

Thanks, Ellen.


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