Sunday, June 05, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday to my awesome Anna

It's my lovely Anna's 12th birthday today.

12 years since I couldn't get to sleep even after 23.5 hours in labour because I was so besotted with this gorgeous, blue eyed baby with a thick mop of brown hair and just wanted to look at her.

Well, not much has changed in the past dozen years except that she's got bigger and can answer me back.

I feel incredibly proud of her many times every day, whether it's because of a characteristic act of kindness, she's worked out a problem with her homework she'd been struggling with, singing in her choir concert despite feeling ill, or caring for her animals, Fluffball the hamster, and Benjamin and Patches the rabbits, or trying to work out the complexities of a Doctor Who plot.

We are so incredibly lucky to have such a fabulous girl and treasure our every moment with her.


Maelo Manning said...

Happy Birthday to your Anna. I hope she is having a lovely time.

Stephen Glenn said...

Happy Birthday Anna. Only 9 more years until she catches my mother up on the same day :-)


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