Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Liberal Youth Scotland President Sophie Bridger is Lib Dems' Inverclyde candidate

One of the people who has impressed me most over the past year, even when I don't agree with her, is the new Liberal Youth Scotland President Sophie Bridger. Persuasive, intelligent and articulate, 20 year old Sophie has shown really strong leadership skills within LYS and has made an excellent and constructive contribution to the Scottish party executive in just a few meetings. She's very likeable and  has very cool head. I'd say that these are pretty much the exact qualities you need to fight a by-election for the Scottish Liberal Democrats in the current climate.

It's handy, then, that she's been selected as our candidate in the Inverclyde by-election. I think this is a job she'll do very well.

Welcoming her selection, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said:
“I am delighted that Sophie has been chosen as our candidate for this important by-election and I congratulate her on this achievement.
 “Sophie is the right choice for Inverclyde. She is a rising star within the Party and I know that she will be a fresh new voice for Inverclyde at Westminster.
 “Sophie has a brilliant track record, having given her time over to volunteering and working in a care home. It is time for a real change in Inverclyde and Sophie and the Scottish Liberal Democrats will make that change.
 "Liberal Democrats have real solutions and voters here can put their faith in the younger generation to fight for Inverclyde.”
To help Sophie's campaign, please contact Jean Stewart on 01475 704735 or Simon Hutton on 07886 626380.


An Duine Gruamach said...

What's the target for the LDs in this kind of election? Will you be going for 3rd, or (aiming lower) a saved deposit? I imagine she'll be getting good experience for (perhaps more realistic) campaigns in the future - but what would constitute success?

Anonymous said...

600+ votes says it all! The elctorate can smell a career politician looking for their entry-level position at a million paces. I think it's insulting to field such a juvenile candidate who has no constituency base and the reult shows how wise a choice that was!


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