Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Light blogging, diamond jubilees and punctures

Just popped in to say that the reason for the lack of blogging is that I've been feeling really rubbish for the past few days. I seem to have managed to exhaust myself completely.

In amongst that, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I have managed to make sure that my beloved has some presents for his forthcoming Diamond Jubilee. I am particularly impressed by the service from one company, but I can't say which in case he reads this!

At the moment, I'm sitting in the garage for the second time this week. Our car has a recurring puncture they thought they'd sorted the other day. Let's hope they get it fixed without it costing a fortune.

This means I'm not going to get back to Zumba today. I'd been missing it due to my inability to listen to the warm up track, Lady Gaga's Edge of Glory, which was played at Andrew's funeral, without dissolving into a soggy mess. However, now they've moved on to J-Lo so hopefully I'll get back next week.

Next week is a huge week for our family. As well as the aforementioned Jubilee, it's Anna's last week of primary school and there are loads of things going on. I need to be better for that!

Anyway, I am going to take it easy today & hope I'm feeling better tomorrow. See you later.

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