Thursday, June 30, 2011

#Inverclyde by-election: May the best woman win - but please, boys, stop using the F word

Every time Willie Rennie describes Sophie as a breath of fresh air, a bit of me wants to slap him round the head with a wet fish, because that's such a cliche. He's right, of course, but I just hate the phrase.

Even George Lyon, our MEP, used the f-word yesterday when he said:

"It is vital that Inverclyde residents get out and vote on Thursday, and that they vote for a candidate with the drive and vision to be a great MP for the area. Sophie Bridger has all of these qualities. “Inverclyde has been taken for granted by Labour, and abandoned by the SNP. The SNP even cut vital regeneration funding to this area by a staggering 40% last year and refuse to apologise.
 "Only the Scottish Liberal Democrats can truly stand up for this area. Sophie has a fresh vision for jobs and regeneration in Inverclyde, and will always stand up for this area first. "On Thursday, vote for Sophie Bridger, and the Scottish Liberal Democrats."
Off to find some nice halibut for him..................

Whatever, though, this woman has the heart, soul, intellect, judgement and originality to be a first class MP.  She's been a fabulous candidate and impressed many over the last few weeks.

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Anonymous said...

It would also help if GL hadn't immediately discredited Sophie on STV when the result was announced by immediately declaring that they should have picked a local candidate.

He's a great one for being wise after the event...


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