Friday, June 10, 2011

Open thread: share your memories of Andrew Reeves

This photo, which I think captures Andrew perfectly, was taken at Andrew and Roger's wedding in January by Charles Dundas.

Andrew, we will never forget the fun and laughter you brought to our lives.

Share your memories of our friend in the comments. And don't forget to pop over to Twitter and share a story using #andrewreeves.


mickeyjack said...

#AndrewReeves a man who filled a room and hearts. Even with those who never met him in person. x

Alex Wilcock said...

One memory that sticks in my mind was meeting Andrew entirely unexpectedly. For a few years, I worked in Dartford, at the same time as, it turned out, he was tasked with trying to get the Lib Dems organised in that notorious complete black hole - er, I mean, 'electoral development area'.

Coming over the bridge from the station on my way to work one day, who should I bump into but Andrew, who - on ascertaining that I went there regularly - enthusiastically invited me to help out with the local Lib Dems. As I stutteringly tried to find any plausible excuses other than 'Oh, god, no!' he stood back, beamed wider and wider, and eventually pissed himself laughing.

Goodbye, Andrew.

Rob Banks said...

I will always remember Andrew's hard work and dedication when he worked for the Lambeth and Southwark campaign, and later when I was a Lambeth Councillor.

He will be really missed. Thinking of him and all who knew him today.

Rob Banks


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