Monday, July 11, 2011

Harper Seven - sounds like a space probe, doesn't it?

Or, as my friend Derek Young said on Twitter this morning:
"Harper Seven reminds me of the Inspiral Carpets lyric "the most beautiful woman alive, Saturn Five ..."
But, no, it's the name of the Beckhams' new baby girl.

Congratulations to them, and all of that.

Apparently some are suggesting that Harper could be a tribute to Harper Lee's classic book To Kill a Mocking Bird. Given that Victoria professed some time ago never to have read a book in her life, I'd say that that's unlikely, but I wouldn't dismiss the possibility out of hand.

Seven is apparently (and I wouldn't have had a clue about this) the number on her Daddy's back during his footballing career.

The Beckhams have always been good at keeping their baby names a secret - and this one had been the topic of much speculation across social networking sites. Atlanta and Santa sounded too predictable. I'd thrown Obama into the mix.

Anyway, any story of a new baby arriving safely into a loving family has to be welcomed so best wishes to all of them. Derek, above, and his wife Louise will be cuddling their own wee baby girl soon enough, so good luck to them too.


Unknown said...

It's easy to sneer but I quite like it. It's different without being weird and frilly.

John said...

Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper - nothing if not inventive (even if it could double up as a car fleet).


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