Monday, July 25, 2011

The Inverness Spinners are on their way - Day 4 of their Land's End to John O'Groat's Cycle

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that my wee sister was cycling from Land's End to John O'Groats as part of an intrepid group called the Inverness Spinners.

They set off from Land's End on Friday morning. I've never been down to that part of the country, but apparently it has an awful lot of hills so the first couple of days until they got to Bristol were pretty hard core. I think if any of them ever saw another Mendip it would be too soon.

They are doing a phenomenal amount of miles - 310 in just three days covered so far. By this evening, they'll be in the north of England, in Preston.  They are feeling proper pain, now, too, as their bodies protest loudly at what they are being asked to do. Obviously they have been training hard for many months, but the reality is quite a shock to the system.

I can't put into words exactly how proud I am of my wee sister. She's the least experienced cyclist in the group and I'm so impressed by the way she's embraced this challenge.

It's a long, lonely road for them, and there are some rather awkward looking hills ahead of them this week. Moral support would be very welcome - please leave them a message of encouragement on their Facebook wall, or, if you are a cyclist yourself, why not join them for a little bit? Their route is here.

By the end of tonight, they'll have completed 406 miles, not that far from half way through. I probably wouldn't be able to drive that far. They are doing an amazing job and I wish them well for the remaining days.

They aim to raise £10,000, of which £7,270 has already been pledged already for MS Society Scotland and SNAP so if you have any spare cash on pay day this week, we'd all be ever so grateful if you could add to that total here.  Last year's Annual Review from MS Scotland shows the sort of things they spend the money raised on - from supporting people with MS and their families to research to find a cure. A very worthy cause, and one that is motivating the Spinners to get over the next hill.

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