Friday, December 03, 2010

Friday Frolics: Four things about me

Spidey tagged me in this meme on Facebook, so I thought I might as well do it here seeing as it's Friday and all that. Feel free to carry it on if you like. I'll see if I can tell you things you never knew before:

Four Jobs I have had in my life
  1. Youth Hostel Warden
  2. Nanny
  3. Medical Secretary
  4. Caseworker

Four places I have lived
  1. Inverness
  2. Wick
  3. Edwinstowe, Notts
  4. Livingston
Four favourite drinks
  1. Red Wine
  2. Earl Grey tea (with milk, I don't care about the teasing this will get me from snobs of this parish)
  3. Hendricks Gin
  4. Coke Zero
Four Favourite ever TV shows
  1. Strictly Come Dancing
  2. The West Wing
  3. Friends
  4. Pride & Prejudice (the one where Colin Firth comes out of the lake, but obviously, I'm only interested in the literary quality of the production
Four Places I have been
  1. New York City - a long way to go to see a Star Trek movie, but well worth it
  2. Rome - from the Piazza de la Republica to the Spanish Steps - a truly gorgeous city
  3. Mallorca - my favourite place away from home
  4. London - I just love the bustle and the shows and the sights. Wonderful city.
Four of my favourite foods
  1. the darkest of dark chocolate
  2. fillet steak, cooked perfectly, medium rare,  by my husband
  3. fish and chips
  4. home made chicken curry
    Four things I am looking forward to
    1. Christmas
    2. Being able to leave the house again - am currently snowbound
    3. My David Laws book arriving
    4. Seeing Anna perform in her choir concert next week. Her drama and other concerts have been cancelled & this is the only one left


    Lisa Harding said...

    Firstly I find it funny that we have both been medical secretaries, though I would imagine that you got yours with proper training,. I simply raised my hand and said I could type!

    As for the Colin Firth scene inPride and Prejudice. Don't be so shallow! The cinematic quality of the shooting of that scene and the immaculate water work showing Firth's athletic prowess is of course the sole motivation for watching that scene ;-)

    *digs out box set*

    Unknown said...

    Proper training? Err, no. That was the agency I'd signed up with sending me to this place and me ending up there for almost a year covering maternity leave.


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