Thursday, December 23, 2010

What would the Telegraph have heard at Labour MPs' surgeries last year?

It amuses me to hear Ed Miliband being so dismissive about the nature of the coalition, saying it's a sham. I actually think that what we've heard over the past few days proves that it isn't. Liberal Democrat MPs and ministers are not making life easy for themselves, but they know that they can do more good in the Government than out of it, and that life would be much worse if they weren't there.

I got to thinking, though, what if the Telegraph (or some other paper) had decided to throw ethics to the wind this time last year, and gone around some Labour MPs' surgeries. I mean, we all know what a happy little band of campers they were, don't we? Imagine if they'd gone to Geoff Hoon's or Patricia Hewitt's surgeries and asked a few well worded questions about Gordon Brown? I mean, those two spent Christmas plotting about how to overthrow him and made spectacular arses of themselves (and, in Hoon's case, not for the last time this year) trying to pull off a coup in the first week of January.

Would James Purnell, or Alan Johnson or David Miliband all have praised their leader fulsomely, or damned him by their lack of enthusiasm?  I'm absolutely certain those amoral journalists would have found some interesting snippets to report.

Actually, I wonder what they're all saying about Ed Miliband now. I mean, Ed's team still seems in shock that he won and everyone else is being suspiciously silent. I am fairly certain that even now metaphorical daggers are being lined up right between his shoulder blades.

Like I said, just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Come to that, I wonder what the Telegraph would hear at Tory MPs' surgeries...

Who knows, maybe they sent out a few giggly girls to find out... (and a giggly boy to Theresa Kinky Boots May). Maybe that's our Christmas treat...

Who knows?

Paulie said...

"Would James Purnell, or Alan Johnson or David Miliband all have praised their leader fulsomely, or damned him by their lack of enthusiasm?"

I'll answer that without any express intention of having a dig at LibDems. However, I'd have to say that Labour ministers were a bit longer in the tooth (politically) that the current LibDem crop.

I really don't think that they would have been as relaxed around strangers, and in the 1990s, Labour staffers generally had regular reminders that 'walls have ears' etc.


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