Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Gamu's Charity Single official video - and a chance to appeal to Simon Cowell #xfactor

Have a watch of this poignant official video for the charity single from the Aberlour Child Care Trust, Where will you sleep this Christmas, featuring Gamu Nhengu.

It was going to be released next Monday, 13th December but it will now be available from Sunday 12th. I wrote last week  about how Simon Cowell is refusing to allow Gamu to do any promotional work for the single because it is in competition with the X Factor Winner's single.  Here's a reminder of what you can do if you disagree with him:

Firstly, write to your MP - and if you don't know how to contact them, you can find outhere - and ask them to sign EDM 1111 to support Gamu and the single which has been tabled by Jo Swinson. The full text of the motion is:


Swinson, Jo
That this House applauds the charitable work undertaken by Gamu Nhengu on behalf of Scottish Children's Charity, Aberlour Child Care Trust, which provides services to vulnerable children across Scotland and their families; notes the forthcoming release of Where Will You Sleep This Christmas? a single featuring Gamu, by the charity; further notes that the proceeds from the sale of this record will support the work of Aberlour; is dismayed that despite this act of charity on her part, Gamu has been prohibited from promoting the single by her contractual obligations to the television show The X Factor on the basis that the Aberlour single is in direct competition with the show's Christmas number one bid; and therefore calls on hon. Members to support and promote the success of this record when it becomes available for download on 13 December 2010
Secondly, download the single on 12th December and encourage everyone you know to do so.

Thirdly, (and this is my idea only, not Jo's) Don't buy the X Factor winner's single this year unless Simon Cowell relents and lets Gamu promote the single. Having her do the rounds of the usual radio stations, webchats, press interviews and so on would make a huge impact on the sales of this charity single.

Fourthly, tell the X Factor people what you're doing and why. Their Facebook page ishere and their Twitter account is here. You can tweet them at @TheXFactor

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