Thursday, December 23, 2010

News from the Fairer Votes people - they need YOU!

Here is the latest campaign video from those nice people who are running the Yes to Fairer Votes campaign.

They are working hard to make sure that the referendum is won next May 5th. There are a lot of powerful vested interests who don't want to see change. They don't want MPs to have to work harder, and they don't see why an MP should have the support of even half their electorate.That's why the Yes to AV people need lots of volunteers to add to the 150,000 people who've already signed up.

I know that you may well have an inbox full of help requests, or maybe have had a phone call. In the run up to Christmas, it's so busy and hard to find time to commit to things, but over the holidays, think about offering them some time, support and money.

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