Sunday, August 21, 2011

I don't get all the fuss about Janet Devlin #xfactor

Yes, two reality tv posts in one day - but it's my blog and I'll write about trash if I want to.

The return of the X Factor always makes me feel sad because it feels like Summer's over and we're on the home run to Christmas. It always seems to come back the week the schools go back up here, too.

This year is the first season without Simon Cowell. Whatever you say about him and his squillions and his worrying obsession with personal appearance, his instincts about people's talent are usually good. He's popular and his absence from the show to concentrate on launching the US version is bound to have an effect.

The show's thrown 3/4 of its babies out with the bathwater this year. Cheryl Cole and Danii Minogue, the latter, particularly, were much more hands on mentors. I'm going to miss Dannii particularly as she's had a long and tough career. Her experience was pretty invaluable and she clearly worked hard for her acts.

Dannii and Cheryl have been replaced by Kelly Rowland and Tulisa from NDubz. Tulisa reminded me a bit too much of Alesha Dixon from Strictly. Every time I see her, even though I like her, I want Arlene back. Kelly Rowland was very deep and meaningful at times - but she was often right.

Simon is replaced by Take That's Gary Barlow. Now, I love Take That, but Gary needs to be himself and not pretend to be Simon. I just felt that he was a bit constrained last night. We'll see how it all develops.

And, you know, why does he have to take over Simon's seat and role as head judge? Kelly Rowland has as much if not more experience. Why couldn't she head the panel? A missed opportunity.

The talk of the night was Northern Ireland's 16 year old Janet Devlin, who sang Elton John's Your Song, one of my favourites. Everyone was raving about her last night, but I just didn't think she was that good. Her audition seemed out of tune. I didn't dislike her, but she didn't grab me.

However, a quick search of You Tube led me to this video of her singing at home which sounded much better.

I see more of her potential from that clip than from her audition performance.  She certainly was one of the better auditions from last night's show, though. I did wonder about Frankie Coccozza whose claim to fame was that he had seven girls' names tattooed on his backside after a Summer in Malia. Can you just imagine how a girl saying that she had been with 7 men over the Summer would have been absolutely villified?

I'm not particularly excited by the X Factor this year. Watching it seems like a bit of a chore, to be honest.  I hope we'll get to see Simon on the US version - ITV2 usually showed American Idol, which I hardly ever watched - so it's quite likely.

Next week, X Factor will clash with Doctor Who Confidential, so I know what I'll be watching - or at least I hope I will. I've organised a campaign training day in Perth for the day Doctor Who comes back. Not clever at all. However, if you are a Scottish Liberal Democrat council candidate or campaigner, you need to book your place at this event  now because it's unmissable. Contact me by e-mail for details.

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Melaina25 said...

For me Janet was the only stand out of the night and most likely the only one who will make it through bootcamp.


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