Monday, August 15, 2011

Those Dare to be Digital Winners - and my post on women in the gaming industry

I wrote on Saturday about our fantastic day out at the Dare Protoplay day in Dundee and I mentioned our favourite games. Mine was Tick Tock Toys by Swallowtail Games and I was thrilled to bits to see last night that they are one of the three teams picked to compete for the BAFTA award.  I hope this means that the game will end up in production because, despite my appalling lack of anything resembling hand-eye co-ordination, I became moderately addicted to it on Friday.

The other winning teams are Digital Knights, with their Kinect game Joust and Evolved Ape with their pc game Dreamweaver.

I had a chat with Swallowtail's team leader Sophia George on Friday. She told me that she had done her dissertation on gender and gaming, so I hope to talk to her more about that after the madness has died down. She said last night:
“We’re so happy to win – the team worked incredibly hard. I came into industry because I wanted to see more women working in games – and in turn creating more games for women. It is such an incredible privilege to win.”
That leads me on rather nicely to the article I've written for Wild Women today called Gaming for Girls so please go and have a look at that. When I wrote it, I'm sure there were more paragraphs in it than there currently are and I'm not sure what's happened in the publishing process but it won't let me edit it. Please don't think badly of me.

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