Monday, August 01, 2011

Scottish Liberal Democrats a "surprisingly effective voice of opposition" - Times

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about all the nice things being said about Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie by various journalists. Well, there's more.

In last Wednesday's Times (£), Lorraine Davidson, in a column entitled "Rennie's Lib Dems are looking like survivors" was full of praise for the Party and its leader, saying:
....Liberal Democrats have emerged as a surprisingly effective voice of opposition to Alex Salmond’s SNP administration.
Time after time, their attacks on SNP policies have proved more effective and to the point than those of the Labour and Tory parties. Official figures released this week showed that the Lib Dem group has been responsible for putting the highest number of questions per MSP to the SNP government since the new Parliament was formed in May.
 It just shows what a positive  impact Willie Rennie and his team are making. 

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