Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Edinburgh becomes Jungle City in September

Last year I got all excited about the elephants out and about on the streets of London. Unfortunately, I wasn't well enough to get to see them but there's now a similar project a bit closer to home. There are vibrantly and beautifully designed hornbills, orangutans, crocodiles, tigers and elephants all over the centre of Edinburgh - 130 of them in total. These are a selection of my favourites so far.

I think the green crocodile with the elephant dung clearly visible inside, called Croc O'S**t wins the prize for the best name.

We went out on Sunday afternoon to see some of them and are determined to photograph all of them by the end of the month. With each animal is a placard saying when it is likely to become extinct without action  to save the species.

This tiger is designed by Geri Halliwell who is a supporter of the project.

You can find more information, including route maps here, join the Facebook page, follow them on Twitter or subscribe to their You Tube Channel. 

This is their introductory video:

Definitely a good excuse to visit Edinburgh this month.

Here are a few more brightly coloured animals:

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