Monday, September 26, 2011

If you know a politician........

.....sit them down, make them a nice cup of tea, confiscate their Blackberry and get them to take an hour and 16 minutes to watch the video below.

It's the drugs policy debate that took place at Liberal Democrat Conference last week - but the principles behind the motion adopted have support across all parties, and this is one issue where we should all work together.

Ewan Hoyle said in his opening speech that Nick Clegg should take this motion and put it on David Cameron's desk and make him take it seriously. The adoption of this motion is the end of a long process within the party, but the beginning of another, to actually get it implemented.

At around 57 minutes, you'll see Dr Ian Magrath. He lost his son Alastair in May, who had been sent to the West Indies to act as a mule. One of the condoms containing drugs had split inside him, causing a fatal overdose. Ian's account is harrowing and he received a rare standing ovation for sharing his story.

So, now it's time to persuade others that our traditional approach to drugs has failed and that by adopting the methods which have been shown to work in places like Portugal, we have more chance of protecting communities and families from the appalling damage caused by drugs. It's time to make policy according to the evidence, not the tabloid press.


GHmltn said...

I saw Ewan speak live on TV and was very impressed by how he articulated a reasoned and considered argument about something important.

Do you think Ewan could be persuaded to run his speech or a summary of it on Scots Gazette?

Unknown said...

I object to your stereotype of politicians having a Blackberry. I, for example, have an android handset.

Also, can I be excused from watching this video on grounds of being a Lib Dem? ;)

Unknown said...

And I have an iPhone. Blackberries are standard issue in the Scottish Parliament, though.

And you can be excused watching it, but you need to persuade others to look at it:-)


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