Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to find your #ldconf booking reference

If, like me, your pass for Liberal Democrat Conference (which I gather takes a degree in origami to assemble) has not yet arrived, you may well have contacted Conference Office. I phoned and left a message yesterday and phoned again when I hadn't heard back. I was told to e-mail conferences@libdems.org.uk which I was a bit annoyed about. I was asked to quote my booking reference. So, I spent ages searching all the e-mails and it wasn't there.

Thanks to Chris Mills on Twitter, I now know that you can find it by logging in here.  It would be much handier if this was also included in the confirmation e-mails, though.

I just thought I'd  pass on the information in case you were in the same situation and don't indulge in these social networking thingies.

If my pass doesn't arrive tomorrow, they will reprint it - but I'm worried I'll have to pick it up in Birmingham. I was kind of relying on Anna to do the origami for me. 

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I'm lucky, my pass arrived in the post today. Fortunately I was able to assemble it so the origamical complexity clearly can't be that great if even I could handle it.


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