Thursday, February 09, 2012

An original way to make a point - but chilling Oklahoma Personhood Bill clears first stage

The arguments around abortion are well rehearsed and highly emotive.

I was therefore impressed to see pro choice Oklahoma State Senator Constance Johnson taking a novel approach during a hearing on a Personhood Bill there. The pro-choice senator filed an amendment, purely to make a point, stating that it would be illegal for ejaculation to take place anywhere other than inside a woman. It was original and should be food for thought. Although I do have a feeling that there are some on the religious right in the States who might take it seriously. Senator Johnson withdrew the amendment voluntarily, but her point had been made.

What's not so good is that the Bill passed its first legislative stage. This would give a zygote, from the point of conception, equal human rights to the rest of us. Apparently abortion would still be allowed because it's a Federal matter. Not that the religious right are trying their darndest to change that, of course.

Can you imagine the legal mess this Bill would present and the clear conflict between the rights of the mother and the rights of the zygote/foetus/embryo? It's a total nightmare. Even without this sort of legislation, we've seen women being investigated for murder if they miscarry 

We are so lucky that we don't have this sort of debate going on in this country. Long may that continue.

The pro choice movement needs to keep having ideas like Constance Johnson's to show the flaws in the other side's case.

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Anonymous said...

Watch out for Nadine Dorries MP. She seems to be doing her best to bring this kind of far right interferance in reproductive rights to the UK. Check out her latest, misleading rant here


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