Thursday, February 09, 2012

Rennie blasts "embarrassing" tycoon Trump

Who, exactly, does Donald Trump think he is? 

We know from the Aberdeenshire golf course issue that he thinks all government entities should bend to his will. He doesn't take too kindly to people who have a different point of view, no matter who they are.

He's had a right go at Alex Salmond - sending him a letter basically telling him that nobody will ever visit Scotland if he allows offshore wind farms to be built.  The letter is as thuggish as you would expect from someone who is far too accustomed to deference from others:
"I have authorized my staff to allocate a substantial amount of money to launch an international campaign to fight your plan to surround Scotland's coast with thousands of wind will be like looking through the bars of a prison and Scotland's citizens will be the prisoners."
He goes on:
"Luckily tourists will not suffer as there will be none"
He says he's doing this for his late mother's sake because "she would not believe what you were doing to her beloved Scotland". Apparently there are no jobs in green technology and countries like China are laughing at us.

It's the sort of unbelievable, ill informed arrogance we've come to expect from the tycoon.

Willie Rennie said in retaliation that the "embarrassing" tycoon would be laughed at by Scotland and goes on to explain why it's so vital to look after the environment and build a sustainable future.
First Mr Trump accuses Scotland of being the laughing stock of the world, now he threatens to launch an international campaign.  What Mr Trump needs to understand is that Scotland will live up to our responsibilities to tackle climate change. 

"This letter is a rather desperate attempt by a rich man who is used to getting his own way, but his latest tizzy is embarrassing.  Instead of the world laughing at Scotland, Scotland is laughing at Mr Trump. “Global warming, limited fossil fuels and rising energy demand mean we need to create a sustainable energy resource that meets our needs and protects the environment for our children’s future. That means we need to use a range of technologies from on and offshore wind, tidal, wave and emerging technologies.  Mr Trump’s dislike for turbines several miles from his golf course should not derail Scotland’s ambition. “I would urge the First Minister to listen to Mr Trump but no more, and no less than anyone else.  We won’t be bullied by Mr Trump and his millions.”   

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Allan said...

Trump has form with inserting his size 8's into his mouth... remember his attempts to show that President Obama was not a US Citizen. What is unfortunate is that this is not seen as the wacky "and finally" story on Reporting Scotland.


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