Monday, February 27, 2012

Surely the SNP won't hold Independence Referendum in the school holidays?

The Sun on Sunday reported yesterday that the independence referendum would be held on Saturday October 18th 2014. 

I am not sure that this would be a particularly appealing front page splash for a launch issue. I mean, I'm not sure people care too much about the actual date. I wonder what's going on - did the Sun just make it up or was it a deliberate endeavour by the SNP press office?

Whatever, 18th October is inappropriate to start with.

You can't have a referendum about the whole of the future of Scotland during the school October break. 

Another thought that's occurred to me is that students will just have moved to their new city for college or university or may have moved flat. Will they all have had time to get themselves on the Register at their new address. I would have thought the cut off date would be sometime around 20th September which would be cutting it a bit fine. And, yes ,they could apply for a postal vote at their old address, but it's adding extra hurdles into the process. 

I suspect that this never was the real date and is the result of some off the cuff speculation by a journalist or press officer who doesn't have to think about school terms.

I quite like the idea of changing the day to a Saturday, though. Just not that Saturday or any other that's in school holidays.

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