Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A sneak preview of the new Liberal Democrat PPB - Nick Clegg on Lib Dem tax cuts

Now, when I say "sneak preview", I mean, of course, as long as you don't know any Liberal Democrats on Facebook or Twitter else you will have seen this eleventy zillion times already. It's a preview of the forthcoming Lib Dem Party Political Broadcast to be broadcast tomorrow night.

Party President Tim Farron sent out an e-mail to all Liberal Democrat members with it in too - and a very well constructed e-mail it was too; it was short, minimalist, to the point with a link to the petition calling for Lib Dem tax cuts to be fast-tracked and a whopping great link to register for Conference that was so glaringly obvious I missed it at first. The only thing I have to bitch about is that there's nothing to bitch about. Damn him.

Anyway, enjoy. My earlier post from this morning, done before I'd even seen this video, still stands - don't think sums of money, think what that sum of money represents but there's good stuff starting to come out of the Bubble.

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