Sunday, February 12, 2012

So, how much are half a dozen Creme Eggs?

Well, from this picture my husband took in Morrisons yesterday, it depends which shelf you buy them from.

On the more prominent top shelf, you can buy 3 for £1.55 or, on special offer, 6 for £2.50. Wow. What a bargain.

Except, if you look on the lower shelf, you can buy a box of 6 for £1.50.

Supermarkets do this sort of stuff the whole time, quite blatantly and unashamedly. It's pretty sneaky, though and it deserves highlighting.

Thankfully, their ploys are not working in this case given that the bottom shelf is a lot emptier. But every single packet they sell from the top represents pure profit for them.

Anna hates it when we take her shopping and make her work out which is the best value for money - the next generation needs to be up to speed on the sneaky tricks of corporate giants, though.

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Kate said...

My dad taught me to look at those little price per 100g/unit labels on the shelves :-)

Oh, and how to bag pack properly. I get twitchy at the checkout when the people in front throw their stuff into bags any old how!


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