Friday, February 17, 2012

Why did David Cameron make me cry?

Well, it wasn't actually him, to be honest. It was as I was watching him being interviewed on BBC Newsnight Scotland last night, with the Forth Rail Bridge in the background that I started to wonder if he was in Orocco Pier, the hotel, perhaps the very room, where Andrew and Roger Reeves were married last January. Twitter seemed to confirm that he was.

As many of you will know, Andrew died very suddenly of a heart attack on 3 June and is missed every day by his huge legion of friends and family.

It made me think how he'd have been laughing and joking and blogging about the PM being in the same  room as his wedding. He literally wouldn't have shut up about it all day. That thought had barely penetrated my consciousness when I started blubbing.

This Monday would have been his 44th birthday, so it's been quite an emotional time anyway. People left some lovely messages on his Facebook wall that had me welling up on the day.

When I looked further on the Orocco website, I found a testimonial from him about their wedding.
My second thank you is to the team at the Orocco Pier; Leonie for the initial discussion and persuading me to book and then running the evening part of the big day; Claire, the events manager for just being bloody amazing from the day she returned from her own honeymoon right up the weekend before, guiding us through every possible eventuality; Robin for being a rock on the day, from the meeting the Monday before right through to leaving in the evening, made me completely relaxed; The kitchen team including the porters (the often forgotten part of the team) - the food was as amazing as everyone in Edinburgh told us it would be; The waitresses and bar staff - you were all wonderful, including getting the food round a tight space THANK YOU, each and everyone of you from the bottom of our hearts, the day was amazing and we will remember it forever. 
It's so very typically Andrew, remembering even those members of the team who do their hard work behind the scenes. As someone whose early career had been spent in the catering industry managing station cafes and mingling with celebrities at the Royal Society of Arts, he knew what he was talking about.


Anonymous said...

Yes, a sad loss.

I feel for you.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Tris.


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