Monday, March 05, 2012

Danny Alexander: the cure for panda Colic?

In December, two lovely pandas, Tian Tian and Yang Guang, arrived from China to start a decade at Edinburgh Zoo. Yes, I know, dealing with the Chinese on this does make me feel a little queasy, but the animals themselves, bless them, are ultra cute. We've been to see them three times already.

They've had a few wee problems adjusting to the local bamboo and have both had to have some time off show because of colic. I will make no comment about Yang Guang taking 2 weeks to recover, while the female Tian Tian only had a weekend off.

Anyway, the Sensational Alex Salmond band (who just might have a particular agenda here), have suggested that a variation in diet might be in order........

Rumour has it that Danny Alexander himself thinks it's hilarious. Well, actually, it's more than rumour because he actually proudly referred to it in his remarks at the Scottish Liberal Democrat conference on Saturday night. He was on very good form the whole weekend, seemed very relaxed and proud to have the event in the heart of his constituency.

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