Thursday, March 22, 2012

My unhappiness with Danny Alexander....

...or his diary secretary, whoever they may be, knows no bounds right now.

Not that this is any of their fault, but I want to have a moan.

Right now, I should be out having dinner with my husband while Anna is at the cinema with her friend watching a preview screening of the Hunger Games. This is the latest teen sensation movie. Its subject matter is very, very dark and a reminder of why you need liberal values and people willing to fight for them. The kids have read all 3 books in the series and are engrossed in it.

So, Bob took them down in time for the start at 7:45 because I was busy listening to Danny Alexander's brilliant webinar on the Budget.  It had never occurred to me that the kids would need ID. They're obviously 12, Anna was wearing her school uniform still - and you can't get into secondary school up here unless you're 12. They were accompanied by an adult who could vouch for their age, but they still weren't allowed to go into the cinema unaccompanied. So, poor Bob, who hasn't had anything to eat, had to go in with them.

Now, if that Danny Alexander webinar had been an hour earlier, I'd have been able to take the girls down and I would have had Anna's passport in my handbag because we're off to Cardiff tomorrow for the Doctor Who convention. Her friend had her Young Scot card with her so she'd have been fine. And Bob and I would have been sitting together in Wagamama now over a yaki soba and some white chocolate chilli cheesecake.

Yes, I know that this is down to my own incompetence. I guess I'm just not used to this whole ID thing. She's seen 12A films before, but always with me. It's not a mistake I'll be making again, you can count on that.

On the upside, Danny was really good tonight. Relaxed, friendly, insightful, informative. The Party has to do more of these sorts of events with different ministers and key figures. Why not one with Lynne Featherstone during the Equal Marriage consultation, for example? Or with Shirley Williams just because she's her?

The other star of tonight? If Helen Duffett does not replace Dimbleby on Question Time, I'll be very disappointed. She was very good at making the whole thing sound exciting - and I liked the interactive polls that went on through it.

Seriously, if you think that this week's efforts on internal comms have been good, please let the people in the party who influence such things know. Farron would be a good place to start as would Chief Executive Tim Gordon ( Fill their inboxes up with happiness.

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